VIP Invitation

Dear Player,

Andrea is my name, premium match making my game and the AGC is our premium playground.

You obviously have interest to join the AGC, so you are clearly a player. You live amongst the brilliant, wealthy and life is good.

Sudden events reminded us, how lucky we are, being able to enjoy playing outside again, but most of us prefer a much more private setting.

The AGC is our VIP lounge within the Amorette world. To be invited, we either know each other and have a fairplay kind of relationship or another VIP player introduced you personally.

You like a fast track? This requires the transfer of 2.500 EURO to our agency account to prove you are serious and you belong with us.

To put your own real life entertainment safely in motion, I decided, to limit the AGC players and to manage this segment within the Agency Group more private.

Some of our most famous ladies are only available for AGC players. So let me spoil you! We have videos, alot to look at and a few surprises.

Most important is, that you enjoy yourself and have a real great time!

Live in your world and play in ours!

Game ON,

Xoxo Andrea

Rules of Engagement

You know me and my high standards since 2006. I regularly ask for medical tests of our models and in some cases, because somebody kindly requested. Being connected to the medical sector since 3 decades and having many clients sensitive to this subject, I am trying to be extra cautious to make sure, you are safe.

The AGC is MY GIFT TO YOU. A safe place for A VERY LIMITED CIRCLE OF PLAYERS to feel comfortable and enjoy life. New members will be either INVITED BY MYSELF OR YOU. Lets make sure, to only invite the nicest players. So please, only tell your best friends! You have to introduce them.

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