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March 13, 2020

Dear valued clients and ladies,

at all times, and especially in this uncertain climate, we want to assure you, that your safety and well being is our highest priority.

We are continuing to monitor and react to the Coronavirus situation as it evolves, and we remain steadfast in our commitment to provide every client, partner and employee with the highest stardard of service and care, so you can plan and travel with confidence.

As you would expect from us, we enhanced our hygiene standards using the latest COVID-19 guidance from global and governmental health bodies.

In addition, Amorette is committed to providing you with the maximum flexibility during these tough times. Since this morning several more borders closed, we decided to stop arranging new dates for the time being.

Already booked trips, please get in touch with me directly to figure things out and to react on a daily basis. Please be assured that we will continue to monitor closely the evolving nature of this situation, respond to up-to-the-minute advice, and do everything possible to support our clients, partners and team throughout this period.

With our best wishes,

Andrea & Team

March 03, 2020

Feedback for Valentina

"OMG! What a short vacation. Valentina is everything as described. Very beautiful, very authentic and self confident, but also extremly bubbly. We had alot of attention traveling, entering restaurants and exiting them too. We had a blast and she even taught me some new tricks. Thank you again for arranging a date with this GEM.I will be back for sure! "

Febuary 26, 2020

Candice - New Pictures

Candice is my number One since 2012 and I am really happy, she is still around. She is one of the sweetest and nicest ladies on this planet. Her body is a piece of art she is working to improve every single day. Sport is just a very big part of her life. No matter if running a marathon or diving deep water in Mexico, skiing high alpine from the heli at the french alps or simple to swim at the hotel pool, Candice loves it all. Besides that she has a university degree, loves photographing and to travel the world. Candice is one of the ladies which still help an old granny over the street while stopping all traffic on main street. She is just a real dear! Dont miss out and book her for your next trip!

xoxo Andrea

Febuary 25, 2020

Feedback for Cassidy

"It was some time ago when I booked the last lady from Amorette, so I have to ask Andrea about some suggestions, she mentioned Cassidy, which was BINGO! It was a great experience which I will remember. Hopefully I will meet her again, looking already for the next opportunity!"

Please find the full review at

Febuary 21, 2020

Gabrielle - New Model in Vienna

Gabrielle is the gorgous and sexy slovakian lady you always wanted to date. All natural from head to her well manicured toes without any distracting tattoos and outstanding natural curves. Her silky and tanned skin complete the picture but the best is her personality. When you talk to her, you have the feeling, you are the most important person on this planet. Her big brown eyes focused on you, coming closer, taking your hand and connecting with you. She is extremly smart for her age and she knows, how to motivate people. After meeting her, you will feel renewed, sexed out and refreshed to face reality again. It is good to know, that she is only a phone call away. Gabrielle clearly is one of the ladies which understand what a man needs.

xoxo Andrea

Febuary 20, 2020

Elsa - New Pictures

Elsa is the real deal! I am absolutely serious! Nowadays where everybody is fake, she is a refreshing escort newcomer, fulltime student and parttime lingerie model. Her body is flawless and completely natural with small B-Cup, marvellous blue eyes and natural blonde hair. You can picture her riding her bike to university every morning, having a tea during lunchbreak sitting in the green reading without even having an idea how gorgeous she really is. Elsa stands out from many without even trying to be the center of attention. Everything on her is graceful and unique. She is available and ready to next new adventures.

xoxo Andrea

Febuary 19, 2020

Ariana - New Model in Prague

I am very happy to introduce a new czech supermodel and bombshell.
ARIANA is like your favorite car. The One you spent a fortune on and feel like a winner driving it. The One who is faster, with the right vibration, sound and all the extras you love so much. Ariana will make you feel like a king and everything seem to be possible with her by your side. She will thrill your senses and make you work faster just to meet her again the next weekend. She is not the one for a fast drive just around the block. She is the arm candy you want everybody to notice and to enjoy to the fullest. Just like your Maserati.

xoxo Andrea

Febuary 18, 2020

Amorette Magazine Nr.2

My Dear Clients,
here´s our latest magazine fresh off the press. With great photos, new ladies, hot adverts and Candice takes us on safari, while giving lots of insider information.

xoxo Andrea

Febuary 14, 2020

Happy Valentine´s Day

Do you want to feel like a champion? We are specialized on making wishes come true and arranging the perfect valentine dinnerdate with models from Amorette. Don't waste any time and join our elite Amorette Gentlemen's club. Live in your world, play in ours!

xoxo Andrea

Febuary 08, 2020

Venice 2020

Venice is always fun but everybody is sure, this year it is the best. Since we are meeting with our clients for a few days to celebrate life, love and carnival, our office is closed until Wednesday, 12.2.2020. Please forgive me, if I dont respond to all your requests immediately. I am out having fun!

Starting Thursday, 13.2.2020, I will be back at the office and looking so much forward arranging the next exciting meetings for you.

xoxo Andrea

January 09, 2020

Jackie - New Model in Vienna/Budapest

I am very happy to introduce our second new model in 2020.
JACKIE is a gorgeous brunette from #vienna, but also available in #Budapest #London #Rome #Amsterdam #Madrid #Dubai and anywhere nice with an airport. With her remarkable green eyes, perfect body and a very sweet and natural face, she stands out in any crowd. Do you need a night out to forget the world for a while? Is everything too much and you dream of a sexy mini vacation? Live in your world, play in ours! ;-)

xoxo Andrea

January 06, 2020

Cassidy - New Model in Berlin

I am very happy to introduce our first new model in 2020.
CASSIDY is a blonde dream come true based in #Berlin, but also available in #Hamburg #Hanover #Dresden #Dusseldorf #Cologne #Frankfurt #Stuttgart #Munich and anywhere nice with an airport. With her breathtaking body, her cleverly sweet personality and her beguiling nature, this enchanting high-class escort lady offers an unforgettable and truly profound experience. Are you ready for your first adventure this year? We are ;-)

xoxo Andrea

December 31, 2019

Happy New Year

Dear Amorette Gentlemen's Club members and friends,

I wish you an amazing 2020 and looking forward to next big adventures together. Challenge me for your dream date. I am ready to conquer the pleasure business starting January 6th, 2020.

Thank you Angel for an amazing year! We wish you only the very best for your next big challenge and will miss you like crazy!

xoxo Andrea