Venue Positano

Positano Event

Amorette and particularly the AGC is famous, to feature beautiful models and to arrange the most exciting events.

Never change a winning team or concept when it works so nicely. That's why we contiunue our summer events with a very special One. Positano 2022.

I have the pleasure to host 12 special men and women for a long weekend at the Amalfi coast.

We will have time for all the things, that you guys love. Models, fast cars, a nice Yacht, games and the famous Amorette dinner & date.

Model - Emilia

Viva Emilia!

Emilia just joined Amorette and already received her first amazing feedback.

This fresh faced cutie is our youngest Amorette and a proud student with a bubbly and kind attitude.

A perfect lady to finish your busy day with in Frankfurt or a sweet travel companion anywhere.

Our girlish beauty is always a great choice. She will wrap you around her little finger in no time ;-)

Model - Bonnie

Happy 4th of July!

America was built on courage, imagination and unbeatable determination. Just like Bonnie!

We wish you a very happy 4th of July, a great party, beer, BBQ and fireworks. Bonnie is all GAME ON and ready for both.